Our History

Our History

In the 1970s Dorothy Olga Perryman, restarting her life after separation from her husband, she began a bed & breakfast business in rural Castle Comfort, [which was undeveloped and uninhabited at that time] just south of the capital city of Roseau.

She called it "Castle Comfort Guest House" and treated each guest as a member of the family. This principle is still in effect today.

Dorothy began with 4 guest rooms and received businessmen from the Canefield airport, as well as a lot of family members from the neighboring islands. Everybody loved her delicious Creole cuisine, and the restaurants still recreates her dishes with contemporary techniques.

In 1988, Derek Perryman, Dorothy’s only son, came to Dominica and opened what we now know as Dive Dominica Ltd, at the edge of Castle Comfort Guest House.

Derek's wife Ginette expanded & modernized the property specifically for dive groups that started growing interest in Dominica’s untouched and magical underwater world.

Today Derek and Ginette's kids, Ari & Dan, manage the companies, and have added their own touches to the resort and dive services. Some of the employees have worked with all 3 generations - a good sign for a perfectly working family business!